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YOU. Yes, you. Has it never occurred to you that you can't forever hang on your parents' wallets and credit cards? That you can't be a burden to them who disregarded their needs and desires just to get you the latest, full-scale camera-cell phone? Let's face it; we don't pay for anything (that is if you have some sort of job, then I'm wrong). Technically, literally, our parents pay everything since the day we escaped from our mothers' wombs 'til we don't get cold-cash-paying jobs.

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Ma'am Nurse ng Buhay ko

This is my first time to post a BLOG wat ever dat means?? Pero minsan i really wanted to know what women wants? AS IN WANTS kc Ginagawa mo ang lahat para sa kanila Consistent pa rin ang Rejection I don't know if There's something I should know about them na hindi ko pa alam I'm working dat out since the day na nasabi ko na may hinangaan akong babae lalong lalo na si ms. De Guzman o itago na lang natin ang tunay niyang Pangalan at tatawagin ko na lang sya d2 bilang MAM NURSE.. Ok? ..

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