Kabataan ng Kristong nakapako sa Krus


over there, just beneath my heart, there is a feeling that i can't imagine that i can feel right now. I can't say that it is all because of "him". i can't sayyy that I'm hurt by now, "No I'm Not!" I know annd i all remember that everything waas fine before and just because of that stupid sorry thhat we were waiting for each one of us to say,,, now, the end has come,,, It's finished,,,And it's nnow just a trash that each one of us have thrown. I'm tired to put back my puzzle of love without someone I waanted to be with in tthe room that full of mysterious thoughts of love that we've shared before.I'm tired to pick-up all the shattered pieces of broken heart that the two of us have built before together whatever the season is. Now, we were somehow sharing with our shattered dreams, with our broken hearts, overflowing of our pride, waiting to one another, guess we never get whatever we wanted before and after all that had happened to us,,, Now, I dried my eyes and stop screaming his name in my room.Now, everything is done,,,everything has come to the end,,, Now, our story was finished with a period.

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Now the story was finished :P

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