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Politics, From My Point of View

Politics- the theory and practice of forming and running organizations connected with the Government.

Or so it seems. The Philippines had been run by politicians as far back in the mists of time. From the general governor to the president, all are politicians. The politicians are supposed to serve the people as the Democracy says. Yet it seems to be the reverse, the people are serving the politicians. The politicians are serving themselves, their own selfish desires, their wives' aesthetic desires and more desires from within their families.

This is called CORRUPTION, the only word that can describe the lifestyles of these politicians. From the barangay captain up to the President, they are all corrupted. Corrupted by riches, power and dominion. They will try everything just to get the money that they need. But they are not contended with that. Their selfish sinfulness drives them to get more money. It is as if they are moved by the ill will of Satan himself.

In the barangays, do you think that the captains are doing their jobs in order to maintain peace and order? Guess what? You are wrong! Somehow, these captains are somewhere, putting large amounts of money in their pocket. So what does this mean? It means that if corruption cannot be thwarted in the local government alone, how else in the national government?

And because of the aforesaid corruption, our country is falling into ruins. Especially now with the political crisis we're having. Gloria has fallen prey to wiretapping perceived by many as cheating during the Presidential Elections. Nowadays, her ratings are falling apart, and 8 out of 10 people do not have the heart to trust her. And the opposition had organized rallies against her rule asking and shouting for her to give up her seat as President. Yet to no avail, for the President has not succumbed to the calls of resignation.

And here comes the question: Who will replace PGMA, if she gives up the Presidency? Susan Roces? But the widow of legendary Fernando Poe Jr. has not the mind to rule our country. She has the will all right when she declared it. Well, if that is so, may the Lord prevent it. What will she do? Cry her heart out? Wail and shout with all her dramatic might? Tell me. If she takes up the seat of the President, it is pretty obvious that she is now under the sphere of influence of powerful politicians.

Then, Noli de Castro? Ha! The once newscaster who has entered the crazy world of politics, where money is power yet to know the shadow that he has cast upon himself. He maybe a great newscaster, but he has not the wits and what it takes to be the Philippine President! And with that, our country will suffer more disasters. And then Franklin Drilon, the Vice President. Well he's a fraud and we all know it. One day, he's singing a song to the President, then Tada! He moved to the opposition along with the Hyatt 10 ready to grab the vice-president position when the chance comes. Let's face it, our country is experiencing a great fall in which it will take long to recover and time will have spent its power in order to heal the deadly wounds inflicted to our dear Philippines.

The Filipino people, which most are very poor, blame their lack of wealth to the President and lay on the sofa watching TV. Well, wake up people! Do not just lay and wait there waiting for some glorious miracle to come by. Stand and work those lazy muscles. Give use to what the Lord has given you. Work hard, so at least you have the assurance that you will eat, sleep, and live another day. Amidst this crisis, we must pray to the Lord our God so that He may guide us to the utmost point of our lives. For the day of the SONA is nearing, an address that may leave a big impact to our people or hardly cause a ripple, or start a revolution, or even a CIVIL WAR.

*** this is how a 12 year old thinks about politics...
*** well??? what can you say???

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