Kabataan ng Kristong nakapako sa Krus

Star, The sign of Promise

Cathy had always been fond of stars. When the night was clear, she would go to their upper terrace, lie down, and try to count the stars until she grew tired. She observed every star there is and gave each of then names. One was named Sunshine because it shines like a sun and another was named Heart because its shape was like a heart.

Cathy really liked one particular star. She named it Iris because it shone like her eyes. It floated between Sunshine and Heart. Cathy felt like this star was long lost friend.

Whenever she could, she brought her friend, Alexander. They would stay outside and play a game on who could count the most stars until they give up because they were just too many.

But that wasn't a problem, the more stars there were, the happier they get. For them, it was like having countless friends. Cathy and Alex really like to play with each other. She likes him because he could picture so many things in the sky. They were the best of friends since they were four. Now, that they're in 1st grade, Cathy developed a crush on him-at this young age!

Unfortunately, Alex has to move to the U.S. the day before their flight, they play all day long. Night came; they decided to go to their favorite place-terrace. "Even if I go away, I'll always be your best friend," Alex said. "Promise?" she asked. "Promise!" he replied. "Look at that star, her name is Iris; she's the most precious star for me. I give it to you as a sign of my promise," she stated. Alex smiled and hugged her. Then, at daybreak, he left.

Cathy felt lonely.

Years after, she was now in the 6th grade, she moved to another town. She was really intelligent and talented. Summer was over and to her surprise, she saw Alex. They were in the same class. Sadly, he doesn't remember her anymore. When her friends, Aya and Michelle, heard this, they comforted her. Cathy still liked Alex, so her friends started calling him "Star".

After the first trimester, Alex still ignored her.

It was Friday during lunch break, Cathy accidentally bumped into Alex, spilling juice on his shirt. "Omigosh! I'm so sorry I-" she tried to explain but Alex interrupted, " You clumsy girl, now look what you've done, you've messed up my shirt!" he glared at her and added, " That's why you don't have many friends like me, dork!" Tears flowed from Cathy's face, then, she unconsciously slapped him in the face. After that, she dashed away.

She cried and cried and cried. Late that night she decided to take a stroll. Down the street, she saw gangsters beating up somebody-Alex! She ran in front of him and shielded herself to protect him. So, instead of beating Alex, the gangsters accidentally punched her. She wasn't really strong but frankly she was frail. Naturally, she was beaten up badly. The gangsters got tired and strode away. With all might, Cathy tried to carry Alex all the way home. Even if she got bruises, she struggled hard. When she got home, she aided his bruises first before hers.

While Alex was sleeping, he started of with an odd dream...

He found himself at the upper terrace of Cathy's house. Not knowing where he was, he wandered off. He looked up and saw something familiar- a star. Suddenly, this star rushed toward him and a woman appeared surrounded by blue lights. Her eyes matched Cathy's but he didn't seem to recognize it. " Who are you?" he asked in confusion. "Don't you remember? It's me Iris- the sign of your promise. You did a very bad thing to Cathy., not only did you forget her but also hurt her feelings." The woman replied. " What promise? I don't even know her!" he questioned again. " Look there," the woman said, then she disappeared. He turned around and saw boy and girl playing- it was he and Cathy. " Oh my, what have I done?" Alex muttered. He knelt down and cried. The four-year-old Cathy approached him. " Alex, Alex..."

" Alex!" Cathy called out. " Why are you crying, are you having a nightmare?" swiftly, Alex snapped back to reality and saw Cathy. He knelt down and said, " I'm sorry, Cathy. I'm okay. Lots of people forget and make mistakes." He jumped off the floor and hugged her tight. " Ouch!" she exclaimed. Alex pulled back apologized. " Did you get beaten by those gangsters?" he asked. " Err, let's just forget about it," she replied. " Why do you always let yourself be hurt for others?" he asked, she frowned.

From then on, they became the best of friends again. Soon their feeling for each other developed.


Lauren intentionally but make it look accidentally tripped Cathy. Because of her, Cathy's lunch food stained her dress. " I'm sorry Cathy. Oh, what a I saying. It fits perfectly for your geek style," Lauren boasted. Behind her appeared her two drones, Camille and Melody. They both giggled. Cathy stayed silent. " Bye, dork!" Lauren said then left.

Just then, Alex saw her and helped. " Cathy, who did this to you?" he demanded. " No one, I just tripped" Cathy frowned, " Just forget about it." Alex did not look pleased but considered. " I'll let her pass this time however, if she does it again, I'm going to make her pay." She nodded.

Cathy knew Lauren liked Alex, which why she makes her miserable. Well at least now, joy was written all over her face. She was in her classroom. A senior college student along with her friends, Miriam, Nadine, Robert and her boyfriend Alex asked Cathy for a date that night and she was really happy.

Ring, Ring...

" Hello? Oh, hi Alex," Cathy greeted. " Are you already there?" Alex asked. " Yes, Hurry!" "Okay." Click. The phone was now off. Cathy looked outside the blue sky. " Oh my!" she exclaimed. Iris was gone.

Alex looked at his phone. It was Cathy. He was just about to answer it when he saw a stiff turn ahead. He pulled the brakes but it was too late. Alex's car

Crashed. Fortunately, he didn't fell on the cliff. Just then, Lauren saw him and she quickly brought him to the hospital.

" The number you dialed is unaccess-" she turned off the phone. It was unbearable. Iris missing always meant trouble. She ran to all the possible places Alex may be but nothing. He was nowhere to be found.

" Ms. Olsen? I need a moment please," the doctor said. " Lauren followed and entered no office. "Ms. Olsen, the patient's case is really rare. He had amnesia, particularly a contrasting amnesia. He's still have his memory, but most of it are the opposite" the doctor said. " What does that mean?" she asked. " For example, his best friend will become his worst enemy.

In her house, Cathy was mourning. Just a moment ago, Iris appeared again but she almost had a heart attack when she saw the news. A car was found crashed in a cliff - it was Alex's car. It had been reported that the person driving the car might have fallen in the cliff. Further investigation was held.

Monday morning, Cathy thought twice. If she'll be going to school or not. If I stay, I'll just remember the incident. 'She went to school.

A week has passed and she still hasn't found Alex. Lauren made her even more miserable, insisting and making believe that Alex was dead. Her friends tried it comfort her, but it was no use. Though Lauren made suffer, she still believed that Alex was alive. "There was no proof that he was dead, and why does Lauren seems to be happy? I thought she liked him.'

" Cathy, Alex is gone, we can't change that! Just forget about him, " Robert said. She knew Robert liked her and she knew the opportunity for him. "Robert, I know you like me and I respect that. But please don't use this to earn you r points, Alex is alive," she explained. " Alex is dead! Grow up, Cathy. He's never coming back," he exclaimed. " Shut up, just shut up!" she yelled in fury. " But" - " Go! Just go. I want to be alone!" With that, Robert left.

Alex was getting honed. Lauren had told him to stay inside her room. One night, he glanced up the window and saw a star. It was Iris. (He had not forgotten that part.) Now, Alex wondered, " How come Iris doesn't shine like Lauren's eyes?" He took a stroll confused.

He saw some gangsters were beating a kid. He was about to come in rescue, when a girl dashed in and shielded herself to save the boy. He gasped, her eyes shone exactly like Iris. He was confused so he hid behind the post. She scurried home with bruises. Just then, Lauren passed by. " Well, well looks like Cathy the heroine has saved another dude in distress," she joked then added, too bad your hero is not here to help you." "Cathy, Cathy... Cathy?" he thought as if he knew that girl. Cathy lost her nerve and demanded, " Where is Alex? You hid him didn't you" Lauren laughed. " So what? He probably won't remember you cause he thinks I'm his girlfriend and you're his enemy." Cathy was astounded! Suddenly, Alex stormed out behind the past. " So you were just playing me huh?" he yelled. " A - a - a-l - e- x - " " Shut up!" then Cathy exclaimed, " Alex!" she ran towards him and hugged him.

Lauren has embarrassed. So she migrated elsewhere.

A week passed and Cathy had convinced Alex for an operation. Finally, he approved. After the operation, Alex was cured.

Alex approached Robert and talked to him, " Er, thanks for accompanying Cathy while I was gone." Robert just frowned, " Save your breath, I didn't do it for you." Alex laughed, " Even so, thanks. And as a sign of my gratitude, Er - would you be my best man?" " You and Cathy are getting married?" Robert asked. Suddenly, the door banged open. " Who's getting married?" Miriam and Nadine chorused. " When did you propose?" " When will it be?" " Details! We need details!" Robert said an eyebrow raised, " Have you been eavesdropping?"

In the end of September, both Cathy and Alex's dream had come true. At the end of their wedding, the priest announced, " You may now kiss the bride." Without hesitation, they kissed each other.

*********** End of the Story ***********
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