Kabataan ng Kristong nakapako sa Krus

Para sa Kabataan

It is my deepest sorrow that my literary prowess can not influence you in some jaded way.

With words, I can get these sentiments across to you. With your understanding shall the message only be clear. For it is in us that a great hero once regarded the future to. We are the youth who will weave tomorrow for the upcoming generations for we owe it them. It is our benevolent duty to surpass what is expected, to unearth the lost foundations of Filipino humanity, to lead time to come.

I am happily studying in college and when I'm done with my 1st degree, I'll take up another. Never in my life have I had this drive to keep on learning, for the world offers so much and yet I have so little time. Back in high school, I couldn't wait to get my sorry hide out of school and it never occurred to my young, stupid brain that I'm still going to study.

A lot of things changed my perception of my once-hated duty: to study. My school, my course (since my parents supported what I wanted to take up) and the people I found and lost are some factors that sculpted my stubborn brain to what it is right now. It just hit me like a rolling volleyball that all of these books, words and equations are all helping hands in blue-printing my future.

YOU. Yes, you. Has it never occurred to you that you can't forever hang on your parents' wallets and credit cards? That you can't be a burden to them who disregarded their needs and desires just to get you the latest, full-scale camera-cell phone? Let's face it; we don't pay for anything (that is if you have some sort of job, then I'm wrong). Technically, literally, our parents pay everything since the day we escaped from our mothers' wombs 'til we don't get cold-cash-paying jobs.

All you need to do is to open your books, read and absorb what you think is non-sense right now. For heaven's sake, STUDY! If you want to be a garbage man, then don't. At least that pays. But with your fast-living lifestyle, overspending brigade, minimum wage ain't enough for urban living.

GIMIK. GIMIK. GIMIK. Hey, there's more to life than hanging out with your friends, shopping for some over-priced signature items, jamming endlessly for hours and hours and drinking SanMig or whatever beerbrand there is. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do this or that. You just have to know your priorities. If you've got your primary obligations set, then go gimik-gaga.

If rebelliousness is a form of laxative, then feel free to rebel. If you think that you're gearing away from something normal and that you're setting a trend, don't you also think that you're just copying some old-school renegade teen wearing black band shirts? Then you go around, pretending your some kind of rocker, coloring your nails black, 'making a statement'. Why? Mostly people protest when their needs and desires aren't met. Eh ikaw? What have your parents not given to you? Haven't they provided everything basic and added whatever luxury we don't need to survive? Plus, they gifted you with education – something that could not be stolen even if your brain were to be removed and dissected.

If this bores and makes you irritated, then it is my conclusion that this is the truth. It wouldn't hurt to straighten up your ways. If you're already on that path of being 'good', then hey! Saludo ako sa'yo. My gosh, this is very choppy.

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