Kabataan ng Kristong nakapako sa Krus

Is it Right?

Hope that you're reading...
Everything starts with nothing...
But everything is always changing...
I don't want you to leave
I want you to stay, believe
And feel the love that in my heart does exist
I want you to feel the same
But I think that is so impossible...
Because you are still hiding from the shadows of your past.
I want to show you the way
But you're just ignoring my everything all the way
I don't want to force you from doing what you don't want.
Some people are telling me silently to stay away from you.
But a step away from you is hurting me a lot
It slowly kills my heart
It barely makes my emotions die...
But I can't do anything
You're millions miles away from my heart
When will the time come
That you're going to tell me that you love me more than I do
Please tell me...
The feelings that I feel for you, is it right??

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