Kabataan ng Kristong nakapako sa Krus

I'll buy him again...

I have been in so many sorrows..
But still there is no one that I can call a hero
I just can't believe that there's no body hear me shouting
Asking for help coz slowly my heart stops beating

I don't know if there is some price to pay
Before you find yourself smiling with the way
With the way which you wish to walk to
And the way which you need to be in to

Slowly, people around me become deaf
So deaf from the sound of my death
Everyone is putting me down
While me, myself don't know where to go either

Selfishly, people around me are getting what all I have
All that is mine will always be theirs too
But I can't fight for my rights
I just can't

I don't know where to go
He asked me to go away
I don't know to how to walk away
Co'z all my life was with him

I don't want to be alone
But now I feel like I don't know anything of him
He's throwing me away
What can I do?

He want me to left just for him to be happy
Happy with something else
But how can I leave?
With this torn ahead of my rose?

Broken glasses are on the floor
Waiting for me to follow
Cold scream of air
Whispering to me to do it

Dark reflection of the sky
Pushing me down
Silence in my room
Making me cry a river

How I wish that it was me
Me, whom he wish to be with
How I wish he didn't follow them
Just for his fame

I'm nothing now
Nothing but a trash
Following him around this place
Wishing he'll put me in life again

It's too late
I made up my mind
I'm too tired to cry
Too tired to dream alone

My heart beats for only him
I can't find out that maybe I was wrong
But it said its true
But he is gone

Can money heal this heartache?
Is there some price to pay for him to come back?
Let me take my time to have money
I'll buy him again..

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